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Interest e-commerce

It’s always exciting to watch the new trends within e-commerce. As often before, more and more trends are hitting Europe from Asia. Interest e-commerce or short video-driven commerce is one of the topics that caught our attention at Oslo Digital. What follows is a short intro to this cool trend within retail, and e-commerce.

Short video-driven e-commerce

Recently TikTok announced their partnership with several companies like Walmart, Lòreal, and Shopify to bring the app’s e-commerce platform to a Western audience. What TikTok is doing is called “short video-driven e-commerce” and is a trend that is already huge in China. China has the largest rate of e-commerce in the world, and it’s still increasing because of the global pandemic. What Chinese businesses have successfully managed to do is merge shopping with entertainment, through video apps like Douyin (China’s version of TikTok), Kuaishou, and Xiaohongshu.

Short video e-commerce is essentially about merging interest shopping with entertaining videos; for example, shopping makeup equipment while watching a makeup tutorial without pausing the video and searching for the products yourself. Our team in Oslo Digital is constantly focusing on new and exciting trends in the realm of retail, and we believe that short video-driven e-commerce is going to be the next big thing in the Western world.

Use of real-time content to create an interactive, engaging, and visual shopping experience

TikTok isn’t the only social media company that’s increasing focus on e-commerce on their platforms. Instagram launched “Instagram Shopping” earlier this year, which allows businesses on the app to set up a storefront and tag their products in their posts. This way consumers can easily find and purchase the products in the picturesque posts that influencers and brands are posting. Instagram allows users to use real-time content to create an interactive, engaging, and visual shopping experience which strengthens relations and showcases the products to the world.

Bring value to the viewer

Short entertaining videos have always been popular, from the video app Vine to now TikTok. Interest e-commerce is a term that describes engagement in video and streaming with product shopping. However, “Interest e-commerce” and “Short video-driven e-commerce” are not the same as a video commercial. The videos in which products are being showcased are mainly entertainment and created with the intent of entertaining, while the main goal of commercials is to highlight a product or a business. Nevertheless, as today’s consumers expect additional value, you have to offer more than just a product if you’re going to advertise online today. The Oslo Digital team is helping our clients bring value to their customers every day, even in creating engaging video content.

Another popular phenomenon in the world of video is live streaming, which has increased around the world over the past years and skyrocketed during the global pandemic. People began going to concerts and festivals on their computers and businesses started to live stream various after-work activities for their employees who were working from home. Considering this, streaming is not just for gamers anymore. Several social media platforms have live streaming available for their users, and it’s a brilliant way for creators and businesses to engage with their audience; like answering questions and highlighting products and services.

Our advice is to start using short videos and live streaming in your business strategy to engage your audience. And yes – we do produce this kind of service along with a variety of up-to-date solutions within retail and e-commerce. We’re happy to talk to you about it.

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