We set e-commerce in the middle

Running professional e-commerce requires a number of new titles and roles among employees, in order to be competitive. It is critical to have access to the right skills; Oslo Digital helps you define your vision and implement a successful strategy.
  • Strategy

    Oslo Digital can equip your organization in the face of new challenges. We offer support with the implementation of the digital strategy and ensure
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    a good operational anchoring in the organization. Oslo Digital believes that a strategy is not something that should be put away, but something that should be used as a good plan to help an organization focus on what it does best.
  • Search engine optimization

    Getting good at SEO cannot be solved through quick shortcuts and simple agency agreements. If you want to be better than your competitors
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    , it is important to have an approach that embraces everything from technical foundation and navigation to category strategy, content strategy, service and a broad knowledge of Google's portfolio of products and services.
  • Customer Experience

    "Customer first" is something we all know but going from product focus to customer focus throughout the value chain can be challenging. We have
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    (extensive experience with cultural and organizational change within digitization and new work processes. CX (customer experience) is the overall experience of your customers. Typical areas we work with are emotional customer journeys, a / b testing, multivariate testing and pure customer strategies.
  • Technology

    Oslo Digital are agnostics when it comes to technology and we select based on your needs without exclusive agreements with suppliers. As an example
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    , Litium is a very good e-commerce platform, and many are taking the step up from WooCommerce to Litium. If you want the very best, we have a highly scalable solution for large-scale operations from Commerce Tools, which is a cloud and API-based headless solution for simple integrations for complex solutions. Or maybe you want to choose a completely different platform?
  • Experience and Personalization platform

    We work with the "next generation" solutions of tools for user experience and personalization by combining AI, personalization and design in the same tool.
  • Personalization

    Personalization has become an essential in any trading solution and in an omni-channel initiatives
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    . We believe that the next maturation curve of personalization solutions is to combine user experience, multivariate testing and AI to take personalization to the next level. We offer the best in class solutions with one of the growing stars in personalization in Europe.
  • Social Media

    Today, the use of social media in a company is a given. What is not so obvious is how to get the greatest possible effect
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    . Are your goals brand building, sales or both? If you do not have sufficient capacity in your organization, Oslo Digital can contribute both strategically and operationally.
  • VR and AR

    Oslo Digital has delivered several innovation projects in VR, including Thon Eiendom as a customer
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    . The project was to enable the display and tours of homes before they were built. This challenges current methods for sale of new buildings, and Oslo Digital is involved in disruptive solutions for the housing market with the next generation of prop-tech.

Our background

The people at Oslo Digital have previous work experience from many Nordic brands as employees or consultants and clients.
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E-commerce case:
The Green Dea

The Green Deal is an innovation in return handling that changes existing business processes. It helps e-retailers and retailers manage returns more sustainably and cuts many hidden costs in their existing return process. The Green Deal helps Norwegian and foreign companies with the entire return process, from customer return to resale at Thegreendeal.com. When an item has been sent from a warehouse in Denmark to Norway and the customer wants to return it, The Green Deal will receive it locally instead of having to send it back to Denmark and go through customs clearing again. Finally, it will be resold locally at the lowest possible climate cost. In addition to being co-owners of the project, Oslo Digital has developed the identity, the brand strategy and the platform itself.
Oslo Digital

E-commerce case:

Lumier has trustfully engaged us to position the company into the b2c-market. Oslo Digital has led the creative process from naming and creation to market analysis and technical advice. Lumier.no challenges the established market in lighting and electrical equipment by selling directly to the end user and stands out with a more consumer-friendly profile and language. Through comprehensive SEO-analyzes, we have composed the navigation structure and information architecture. Oslo Digital has built the e-commerce platform with infrastructure for digital marketing and analysis. We have also designed and developed social media campaigns that include content production such as brand films, ads and inspiration universe, as well as several other innovating features.

VR cases:
Thon Eiendom

By using VR technology, we developed a virtual display solution for Thon Eiendom's housing projects in Strømmen and Skårerløkka, which made it possible for customers to walk freely in the apartment. We also developed a tablet version that brokers could use in the exhibition area.

VR case:
Akershus kunstsenter

In connection with the opening of the new art center in Akershus early 2021, we have developed a VR display of the center, including furniture and virtual exhibitions. In addition, we have created a fantasy world that children can play in.

VR case:
Kvik Kjøkken Lillestrøm

Oslo Digital developed a virtual showroom for KVIK at Boligmessa in Lillestrøm. Here, visitors could change colors and materials on fronts and panels, among other things. We made this possible by using 3D modeling and photography of texture and material. In this way, the exhibition appeared very photorealistic. The Oculus Quest headset made it easy to set up in the exhibition area where visitors could walk freely - completely without cables.

Videos from Oslo Digital

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    Intro Oslo Digital
    Oslo Digital delivers from a to z within e-commerce and digital services and shortly about The Green Deal
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    Oslo digital - the customers of tomorrow
    We must think; sustainability, empathy, trust and loyalty for tomorrow's customers.
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    Oslo Digital and the Corona's impact on e-commerce
    E-commerce is growing and digital behaviorals are changing forever.

    Core team

    Filip Elverhøy
    Filip Elverhøy
    Daglig leder / partner
    Edmond Yang
    Edmond Yang
    Kreativ leder / partner
    Natalia Barbin
    Natalia Barbin
    Service designer / Project manager
    Jesper Førisdahl
    Jesper Førisdahl
    Senior Front Developer
    Jun Jie Yang
    Jun Jie Yang
    3D artist & spillutvikling

    Who we are in Oslo Digital

    The people at Oslo Digital have extensive experience in developing digital organizations and digital solutions from the largest retailers in the Nordic region. From pure players to large omni-channel players. Our passion lies in good user experience, the right platform and modern digital sales methods.


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