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The people at Oslo Digital have extensive experience in developing digital organizations and digital solutions from the largest retailers in the Nordic region. From pure players to large omni-channel players. Our passion lies in good user experience, the right platform and modern digital sales methods.


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Oslo Digital


At Oslo Digital we are passionate about e-commerce and know what it takes to succeed.
  • Digital Strategy

    Innovation and disruption. Based on your industry and your goals, we can work together on a digital strategy that is a natural part of the entire corporate strategy. Or we will happily challenge you to a complete new way of thinking.
  • UX and design

    We challenge the established conventions and will strengthen your brand with mind blowing design and UX.
  • Omnichannel

    Seamless shopping experiences are a customer expectation today, but we want us together to think further in to the future. What is expected in 2 years?
Oslo Digital

Our experience

The people at Oslo Digital have worked for many Nordic brands as employees or consultants and clients.
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Case study: The Green Deal

Clothes and textiles have one of the largest climate emissions in the world. 30% of everything produced is never even sold. Single products are sent back and forth across national borders with great costs both environmentally and in time and money. E-commerce and returns are part of the environmental problem and we are helping to improve this.
Oslo Digital

Case study: The Green Deal

The Green Deal is innovating the return handling. It changes existing business processes. It helps e-retailers and retailers manage returns more sustainably and cuts many hidden costs in their existing return process.
Oslo Digital

Case study: The Green Deal

The Green Deal helps Norwegian and foreign companies with the entire return process. From customer returns the product to resale at www.TheGreenDeal.com . When an item is shipped from a warehouse in Denmark to Norway and the customer wants to return the product, The green Deal will receive it locally instead of having to ship it and customs clearance back to Denmark. It will be resolved locally at the lowest possible climate cost. The customer purchases the product on our website at www.TheGreenDeal.com with a clear conscience and at a good price. That's what we call a win win win.
Oslo Digital

Videos from Oslo Digital

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Intro Oslo Digital
Oslo Digital delivers from a to z within e-commerce and digital services and shortly about The Green Deal
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Oslo digital - the customers of tomorrow
We must think; sustainability, empathy, trust and loyalty for tomorrow's customers.
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Oslo Digital and the Corona's impact on e-commerce
E-commerce is growing and digital behaviorals are changing forever.

Core team

Filip Elverhøy
Filip Elverhøy / partner
Filip has worked in the crossroads of innovation, technology and commerce for 20 years. He has led some of the largest e-commerce initiatives in the Nordic region. Both built up teams of areas such as AI, UX and general digital business development and moved the boundaries between digital and physical world within omni channel experience.
Edmond Yang
Edmond Yang / partner
Edmond is a true multiartist. He has his own artwork at exhibitions at home and abroad, Designed brand and style for some of Norway's greatest artists and delivers leading designs in e-commerce and digital interfaces with active use of analysis and insight. Edmond is one of Norway's leaders in UX and design.

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